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Glory to God for the Birth of His Son
By Rev. John Cortright on 09/11/2011


Luke 1:1-5
Zacharias was a priest after the division of Abijah. (I Chr 24:10)

Luke 1:6-27

In the sixth month of Elisabeth’s pregnancy, the angel Gabriel visited Mary in Nazareth.

Luke 1:28-33

This child that would be born would be the Son of the Most High. The Lord God would give him the throne of his father David. (I Chr 17:11-15; Jer 33:14-21, Rom 1:1-4)

Luke 1:34-35

Through this divine action, the child would be called the Son of God. Jesus was the second Adam (Luke 3:38; Rom 5:12-19; I Cor 15:21-22), made in the image of God (Col 1:15; Gen 1:27). He was the promised seed of the woman (Gen 3:15, Gal 4:4-5), the man that would bring salvation to humanity (ITim 2:3-5).

Luke 1:36-45

Mary’s visit to Elisabeth was in her first month of pregnancy. This encounter verified to Mary the promise God had made.

Luke 1:46-56

Mary exalts Yahweh, rejoices in God, and declares the mighty deeds of God, while giving glory to the Father.

Luke 1:57-80

John the Baptist is born, and Zacharias gives praise to God and blesses Yahweh for remembering His holy covenant and bringing this salvation to God’s people. Again, the Father God is glorified.

Luke 2:1-7

The birth of Jesus the Messiah

Luke 2:8-14

The angels praised God, saying, “Glory to God in the highest.” Again, the Father is glorified.

Luke 2:15-20

The shepherds returned, praising and glorifying God. The Father is glorified

Luke 2:21-35

Simeon blesses God, giving the Father glory for being able to see Yahweh’s Messiah.

Luke 2:36-38

Anna the prophetess gave thanks to God the Father.

Glory to God in the highest! The Messiah was born.

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