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The Ascension
By Rev. John Cortright on 05/20/2012


Acts 1:1
Written to Theophilus (means “friend of God”)
The first account refers to the Gospel of Luke. Luke (beloved physician – Col 4:14; II Tim 4:11) wrote the book of Luke and the book of Acts.

Luke 1:1-4
Luke was not an eyewitness.
“Investigated everything carefully” (NASB) = “Having perfect understanding” (KJV)
“from the beginning” (GK – “anothen” – from above - James 1:17, 3:15, 17)

Luke investigated records and was accurate in his communication. But even more so, he was guided by God, and his Lord Jesus Christ through the holy spirit. (II Tim 3:16)

Acts 1:2
The Gospel of Luke gives the record of Jesus until the day he was taken up to heaven. The book of Acts picks up where the Gospel of Luke ends. (Luke 24:44-53)

Acts 1:3
Jesus spoke of things concerning the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ started his ministry preaching the Kingdom of God (Mt 4:17-23). This continued to be preached in the first century. (Acts 8:12; 19:8; 28:31)

Acts 1:4-5 (Compare with Luke 24:49)
Clothed with Power = promise of the Father = baptized with holy spirit

Acts 1:6
The disciples asked, “Is this the time?”

Acts 1:7
The Kingdom of God and the restoration is absolute. The Father, God, has this fixed by His own authority.

Acts 1:8
The disciples would receive the holy spirit, and this power would enable them to be witnesses for the resurrected Christ to the remotest part of the earth.

Acts 1:9
Jesus was taken to heaven and sat down at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19; Heb 12:2). This fulfilled what David had prophesied (Psalm 110:1). Jesus is now above all principality, power, might, and dominion (Eph 1:20-22; I Pet 3:22; Mat 28:18). Christ directs the church by way of the holy spirit (Acts 2:32-36).

Acts 1:10-11
The next time Jesus comes back to earth, he’s coming back as King of kings, and Lord of lords. He is coming back to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. Now, being empowered by the holy spirit, may we boldly speak on his behalf and do as our Lord commanded – be witnesses of him unto the ends of the earth!

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