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The Transformation of Saul/Paul
By Rev. John Cortright on 07/13/2014


1 Timothy 1:12-16 Paul thought of himself as the foremost sinner of all – chief sinner (KJV).

The stoning of Stephen
Acts 6:8-15
Acts 7:1ff – “The witnesses laid aside their robes at the feet of a young man named Saul.”
This is how Saul is introduced in the Scriptures.

Saul Before his conversion (Phil 3:4-6)
Acts 8:1 – Saul was in hearty agreement of putting Stephen to death (Acts 22:19-20).
Acts 8:1-4 The persecution caused the disciples to scatter and begin spreading the gospel outside of Jerusalem.
Acts 9:1-2 – (Acts 9:21; 22:1-5; 26:4-5; 9-12) Saul was leading this persecution, even to foreign cities.

Saul’s conversion
Acts 9:3 – Suddenly a light from heaven (Acts 22:6 – “a very bright light;” Acts 26:13 – “brighter than the sun”)
Acts 9:4-7 – Jesus spoke to Saul in Hebrew (Acts 26:14). The men with him saw the light, heard the voice, but did not understand, and did not see Jesus (Acts 22:9).
Acts 9:8-16 – This took courage on the part of Ananias.
Acts 9:17-22 – Saul immediately began preaching!
Acts 9:23 – From the very start, Satan began his assault on Saul, attempting to have him killed.
Acts 9:24-30 – Paul now spends about 10 years in this region of Cilicia and Syria (Gal 1:21).

During this time, the first Gentiles believed and received the holy spirit (Acts 10 – household of Cornelius).

Acts 11:19-26
Acts 13:1ff – The beginning of the first missionary journey of the Apostle Paul
Acts 26:6-19 – Paul recounts his conversion to King Agrippa. Once Paul was called, he was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.

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