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Hosea: Scorned Lover
By Rev. Sean Finnegan on 12/09/2018


Hosea 4:1-3 The people have no faithfulness, no steadfast love, and no knowledge of God. Instead, they are swearing, lying, murdering, stealing, committing adultery, and shedding blood.

Hosea 12:8
Israel is not the least concerned about its sin. They don’t think God will see or do anything.

Hosea 6:4-10; 13:4-8
God is furious and ready for action, like a lion who hunts her prey or a bear robbed of her cubs. The object of God’s wrath, however, is Israel.

Hosea 10:1; 8:4-6; 4:12-13
Out of all of their sins, one stood above the rest--idolatry! God is very sensitive about idolatry.

Hosea 11:1-4
God cared for His people and adopted them, right from Egypt. However, they would not walk in His ways and kept sacrificing to Baal.

Hosea 1:2; 2:1-23
God had Hosea marry a prostitute so that he could illustrate God’s own situation

He had three sign children
1. Jezreel: God will judge the king’s dynasty for what they did in the Valley of Jezreel
2. Loruhamah: God will no longer have mercy on Israel
3. Loammi: Israel is no longer God’s people

Hosea 6:1; 7:13-15
Repeatedly, Hosea called the people to repentance. If they wouldn’t repent, then God would punish them.

Hosea 12:6; 14:1-3
Repeatedly, Hosea reached out to his people to turn back to God.

Hosea 11:8-11; 2:14-23; 14:4-7
Even though Hosea has so much doom and gloom, there’s also a strong message of hope, if the people will actually repent.

Hosea 14:9; 10:12
Let’s learn from this example and be faithful to our God.

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