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The Christ Event
By Rev. Sean Finnegan on 01/20/2019


Luke 22:47-48, 54 Judas betrayed Jesus to the authorities who promptly arrested him.

Luke 23:1-4, 23-25
After a series of trials and brutal torture, the Roman governor, Pilate, condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion.

Luke 23:32-35, 44-46
For hours, Jesus hung on the cross until, at last, he died.

Luke 23:50-53
Joseph of Arimathea buried Jesus in his own newly-cut tomb.

Luke 24:1-3
On Sunday morning, the women discovered the empty tomb.

Luke 24:34-42
After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to different followers through several circumstances.

Luke 24:50-53
Once he had spent some time with them, Jesus ascended into heaven.

Results of Crucifixion
(for a detailed explanation see lhim.org/cross)
1. Jesus’ death provides eternal life.
2. Jesus’ death reconciles us to God.
3. Jesus’ death expresses love.
4. Jesus’ death defeats evil.
5. Jesus’ death provides an example.
6. Jesus’ death justifies us apart from the Law.
7. Jesus’ death frees us from sin to live righteously.
8. Jesus’ death is for our sins.

Results of Resurrection

1. Jesus’ resurrection vindicates his claim to be sent by God.
2. Jesus’ resurrection proves that he is the Messiah.
3. Jesus’ resurrection defeats death itself.
4. Jesus’ resurrection makes possible our ultimate resurrection.
5. Jesus’ resurrection shows us what the resurrected body will be like.
6. Jesus’ resurrection enables his followers to walk in the newness of life.

Results of Ascension

1. Jesus’ ascension installs him at the highest authority at God’s right hand.
2. Jesus’ ascension resulted in a reordering of cosmic powers.
3. Jesus’ ascension enables his heavenly ministry as the head of the church.
4. Jesus’ ascension makes it possible for him to pour out the spirit on all who call upon his name.
5. Jesus’ ascension gives his followers authority over spiritual powers.
6. Jesus’ ascension enables him to make intercession as our high priest.

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