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By Rev. Vince Finnegan on 02/10/2019


Romans 6:1- 13 We identify completely with Jesus.

Romans 6:14
This concept is an astounding paradox. To be under the Law means to be under the dominion of sin, and to be under grace is to be freed simultaneously from both the dominion of sin and the Law.

Slave market; 7:1-6 marriage. The old master in the first analogy is sin, and the old master or husband, in the second is the Law. You are dead to both because of Christ; therefore, you are no longer under their control.

God through Christ liberates us from the mastery of sin and the bondage of the Law.

The Law does three things here: 1. Brings sin to light, 2. Forbids sin, and 3. Stimulates the very thing it forbids. 1 Corinthians 15:56 - The power of sin is the law.

What Paul writes is autobiographical, and the biography of every man.

Covetousness is the last of the Ten Commandments, the first sin committed by the cherub, and the first committed by a human, Eve.

Exodus 20:17
“Covet” means to have a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else.

Genesis 2:16-17; 3:22
Covetousness is the quintessential sin. It represents the most perfect or typical example of it.

Romans 7:8-11
Adam and Eve lived a carefree life until they were tested by the commandment banning the fruit of the tree of knowledge; that very commandment, brought to their remembrance by the tempter, directed their attention to the forbidden fruit and made it so irresistibly attractive that they ate.

The introduction of law not only brought with it the recognition of sin and the incitement to sin but also accountability for sin and consequent liability to the death-penalty passed on sin.

Rebellion against God and His Word was the behavior of the Cherub, serpent, and Eve. That rebellious spirit became imbedded in Adam and Eve and hence passed on to their children and all of humanity. The Law said do not do; it the flesh automatically rebels and resists. Children are a great example of this innate evil. The rebellion is not consciously premediated; rather, it just is a part of who we are as humans.

This is why the Law did not work to change the sinful problem.

Philippians 3:3-6
The law did not change Paul. He rebelled against the God he longed to serve to the extent of murdering God’s children.

Romans 7:12-24
Paul explains the Law is useless to eliminate sin and bring salvation. We are ruined and useless with nothing that can help with or without except Christ.

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