Complete Salvation

By Vince Finnegan

Isaiah 53 foretells God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ with magnificent clarity. The crux of the revelation is that the sinless Messiah is the sacrificial offering as the substitutionary payment for the sins of all humanity, thereby providing atonement (reconciliation) with God for all those who believe.

Isaiah 52:10   God’s plan for our salvation is set forth

Isaiah 52:13   Before the servant’s suffering is set forth, his victorious glory is foretold. In 53:10, after the sufferings are described, his glory again is stated.

Isaiah 52:14   Uncharacteristically in the Scriptures, Jesus’ appearance is stated twice, here and 53:2

Isaiah 52:15   His form was so disfigured that he no longer resembled a man.

Isaiah 53:1-2   Jesus looked like a regular guy.

Isaiah 53:3   The Hebrew word for “sorrows” is also translated pain (2 Chronicles 6:29; Job 33:19; and Psalm 69:26…). The Hebrew word that is translated “grief” in verses 3 and 4 occurs 24 times and only here as “grief.” Everywhere else it is sickness (15), illness (3), disease (1), and affliction (1). Our understanding of  “grief” is much different than sickness or illness.

Isaiah 53:4   The word “grief” could have been translated “sickness,” and the word “sorrows” as “pain.”

Isaiah 53:5   Well-being is the Hebrew word “shalom” and most often is rendered as “peace.” However, “shalom” has a fuller meaning than just peace. It is an overall sense of fulness, soundness, and completeness in mind, body, and estate.

Matthew 8:16-17   The context is unquestionably physical healing and is a quotation from Isaiah 53:4.

1 Peter 2:24   The book of Peter connects another verse with Isaiah 53.

The Greek word “sozo” is most often translated saved and considered to refer to spiritual salvation, the new birth, eternal life, but like the word “shalom,” it has a fuller meaning that includes physical healing and deliverance.

Isaiah 53:1   Will we believe?

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Complete Salvation

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