God According to the Epistles

By Jerry Wierwille

God of GRACE — 1 Pet 5:10

The grace of God has been most fully revealed in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are recipients of God’s grace through trusting in Christ. Everything we have received is given by God’s grace. God doesn’t owe us anything. Therefore, whatever He has given to us is completely unmerited. We have done nothing to deserve it.

God of PERSEVERANCE — Rom 15:5

Our own strength is limited. If we had to rely on what we could accomplish or put up with, we would not be able to endure through trials and adversity. But God gives us the ability to persevere even if the troubles of life are many.

God of HOPE — Rom 15:13

Hope is what keeps us looking forward rather than backward. God has a plan that He is bringing to pass according to His plan and purposes. And because God is faithful and trustworthy, we can believe in His promises and have hope in their certain fulfillment at the proper time.

God of PEACE — Rom 15:33; 16:20; 1 Cor 14:33; Phil 4:9; 1 Thes 5:23; Heb 13:20

God is the source of our peace—both within ourselves and with one another. Through Christ, we are brought into a relationship with God that heals our restless souls and brings a quietness and harmony to our lives. The God of peace is bigger than any of our worries or anxieties.

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God According to the Epistles

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