God According to the Prophets

By Sean Finnegan

The best source for information about someone is that person. Although you could read a thousand websites, articles, books, not to mention droves of podcasts and videos, how could you know for sure that the information about God is actually correct? Thankfully, God has provided for us an authoritative source in which He reveals Himself—the Scriptures.

1. God Is Supreme (Isaiah 44:6-20)
The prophet Isaiah repeatedly and passionately proclaimed Yahweh’s supremacy and exclusiveness as the only true God. In a scathing critique, he decries idolatry as the mere result of human craftsmanship. Out of all the sins railed against by the prophets, idolatry is the most mentioned, probably because it is so abominable and offensive to God.

2. God Is Just (Zechariah 7:8-14)
God cares about the vulnerable in society, especially widows, orphans, sojourners, and the poor. This is why God repeatedly legislated charity for people in these categories (Ex 22:21-22; Lev 19:15-18; Deut 10:18-19). In fact, God identifies Judah’s failure to treat the vulnerable fairly as the reason for bringing the Babylonians against them, resulting in a seventy year exile from their homeland.

3. God of Hope (Zephaniah 3:8-10, 14-17)
The prophets also say much about God’s intentions for the future. Many of the prophecies speak of the day of the LORD and describe a gloomy judgment upon the wicked. Oftentimes, such wrath-of-God prophecies are followed by magnificent portrayals of abundance, justice, and eternal peace. Zephaniah’s prophecy tells us about God dwelling in the midst of His people and singing over them in joy.

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God According to the Prophets

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