God’s Spirit in Action

God has always worked with individuals throughout history.  Here is a select list of examples of God working with people through His spirit in Old Testament times.

Genesis 41:33-40   Joseph’s prophecy and wisdom to prepare for the famine
Exodus 31:1-11   Bezalel endowed with ability and intelligence for master craftsmanship
Numbers 11:14-17, 24-30   Moses and 70 elders lead the people
Judges 3:9-11   Othniel judges Israel
Judges 13:24-25; 14:5-6; 15:14   Samson’s supernatural strength
1 Samuel 19:20-24   Saul’s naked prophesying
1 Kings 18:11-12   Elijah inspired to go somewhere

When we come to Jesus, we find holy spirit activity at an unprecedented and world-changing level, right from his conception onwards.

Luke 1:34-35   Jesus’s conception due to the holy spirit coming upon Mary
Matthew 3:16-4:1   Jesus’ ministry began w/ 2 holy spirit events: baptism and temptation
Luke 4:13-21   Jesus was spirit driven, right from the start

Then came Pentecost, which blew the doors wide open for all who call upon the name of the Lord to receive the spirit.

Acts 6:1-4   Even serving food to the needy required someone “full of the spirit.”
Acts 8:29-30   Philip is prompted to speak to Ethiopian treasurer.
Acts 9:31   Spirit brings comfort to the church.
Acts 19:1-7   Spirit enables tongues and prophecy.

What about you, today?

Luke 11:11-13   The spirit is not just for super-Christians, but for all who ask the Father.  Have you asked Him?  He is happy to give it to all who desire it.

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God's Spirit in Action

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