Jesus Sympathizes With You!

By Vince Finnegan

Hebrews 4:14-15   We will look at some of the many events that led up to the death and resurrection of our Lord and acknowledge how he felt.

John 11:33-35   Jesus wept as he was conscious of the suffering hearts of those near him.

John 12:1-11   Such love and kindness certainly ministered to him as he knew his time was near. Judas’ judgment would have the opposite effect.

John 12:20-33   My soul has become troubled due to the coming doom.

Luke 19:30-40   Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-48   Sorrow for the future of God’s beloved city

Luke 22:40-45   Agony (anticipation of chemotherapy or surgery or death)

Hebrews 5:7   Loud crying and tears

Luke 22:48   Betray the Son of man with a kiss

Luke 22:54-62   Their eyes met.

Matthew 22:22-25   “His blood shall be on us and on our children!"

Mark 15:34   Why has thou forsaken me?

Hebrews 12:2   Despising the shame

Hebrews 2:17; 4:14-16   He feels you.

LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
Jesus Sympathizes With You!

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