New Beginnings: Strong in Faith

By Vince Finnegan

John 1:35-42 Faith begins when we “come and see.”

Luke 5:1-10 Faith grows as we do what our Lord tells us to do. Faith grows with practice.

Mark 1:29-34 Peter brought Jesus to his home. Faith grows as we incorporate it into our home life, school, job, and social life. Matthew 14:22-33 Get out of the boat! Try the things of God, and see if they are true and if they work.

Matthew 16:22-28 Accept that faith is a never-ending growing process with ups and downs. No matter what happens, stand your ground in knowing God is always on the throne and Jesus is your Lord.

John 18:19 - Matthew 26:73-75 Fear makes cowards of us all. Fear makes us do things we do not want to do and prevents us from doing the things we want to do. Stop running away from your fear; rather, run into it.

Acts 4:1-13 Peter became fearless when filled with the holy spirit and his focus was off self.

Galatians 2:11-14 Fear is an ongoing struggle.

2 Peter 2:15-18 Peter was not perfect nor are you, but he was pliable.

LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
New Beginnings: Strong in Faith

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