Resurrection Reversal

By Sean Finnegan

John 11:47–50   The governing leaders saw Jesus’ popularity as a threat that they needed to eliminate.

Mark 11:18   Between the triumphal entry and the temple cleansing, Jesus sealed his fate.  The council worked to discredit Jesus before the crowds but failed miserably.

John 12:24–25   As difficult as it was, Jesus knew he had to stay in the Garden of Gethsemane.  He knew the paradoxical nature of his mission.

John 18:33–19:16   Pilate was flummoxed when Jesus refused to play the victim or self-advocate.  Everything in this trial scene is upside down.  The obviously innocent person seemed to have no interest in getting released.  The Roman governor repeatedly declared him innocent and tried to release him.  The Jewish leaders who generally despised their Roman overlords swore fealty to Caesar.  The whole scene was upside down and backwards, yet Jesus held his composure through it all.

John 19:25–27   Even while being crucified, Jesus remained loving and redemptive rather than spiteful and threatening.  He made sure his mother was taken care of.

Luke 23:35–39   Although the rulers, the soldiers, and even the criminal next to him mocked him, Jesus refused to get sucked into their hatred.

Luke 23:40–43   In another staggering moment, Jesus showed supreme love to his fellow crucified man by giving him a free pass to the Kingdom.

Luke 24:36–43   Without resurrection, Jesus’ death was at best a tragic martyrdom and at worst the just punishment of a false messiah.  However, when God raised him from the dead, it changed everything!

Philippians 3:8–11   Christ’s death and resurrection were not only events required to bring about salvation, they also serve as patterns for us to follow today.  Jesus’ paradoxical way of life calls out to you as hatred once again boils over in so many people’s hearts.  Will you be like Jesus or allow yourself to get sucked into the blackhole
of outrage?

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Resurrection Reversal

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