Truth & Love

By Sean Finnegan

1 Peter 1:13   Our hope is on the revelation of Jesus Christ rather than success, wealth, or even making a difference in the world.

1 Peter 1:14-16   Instead of blindly and uncritically following our cravings, God says we can be holy like He is!

1 Peter 1:17-19   God is the judge, and He has decided He will judge deeds. We cannot allow ourselves to become swept up in whatever morals and mores our society adopts. Rather, Scripture calls us to live as exiles, knowing that one day Christ will come and retake this fallen world. (Matthew 10:22; 1 John 3:13)

1 Peter 1:20-21   Our faith and hope are in God, not in whatever the world puts before us. The gospel message grounds us in the knowledge that God loved, God acted, and one day God will renew everything.

1 Peter 1:22   Love and truth are not enemies. Truth is powerful because it tells us what we should and should not think and do. Although our society has become post-truth, we who believe in God know that He sets the standards for what is and is not true. This frees us to truly love, even when it’s hard. (John 8:31-32; Ephesians 4:15; 2 Peter 3:9)

1 Peter 1:23-25   We are—all of us—like flowers. We’re here today and gone tomorrow. How can we trust what our society tells us when we know they’ll say something totally different in fifty years? Thankfully, God’s word is imperishable, living and abiding forever.

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LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
Truth & Love

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