Walk Like Christ

By Vince Finnegan

Isaiah 53:3-5   Jesus lived a life of self-sacrifice.

Luke 4:38-44   Jesus ministered all night long.

Matthew 8:23-28   He slept because he was exhausted.

Matthew 15:29-38   He laid hands on each one, so it took 3 days.

Philippians 2:3-5-8   Jesus expects people to have the same level of commitment.

Matthew 8:19-22   Following Jesus requires self-sacrifice.

Matthew 10:32-37   People might deny Christ because of fear, embarrassment, not fitting in with others, shame.

John 7:1-5   His brothers did not believe in him.

Mark 3:21(ESV)   And when his family heard it….

Matthew 10:38   The cross represents death. We must die to self-interest, self-desire, self-concern.

Matthew 13:44-46   Prioritize

Luke 9:22-26

Luke 14 25-35

26   If we are to be his disciples, no commitment to someone or something else can be allowed to compete with our commitment to him

  • Sacrifice the normal comforts most enjoy, like your home
  • Now is the time to commit, no delay, no procrastination
  • We must never be ashamed, rather boldly proclaim the name of Christ.
  • Family must not come before Christ
  • Die to self interest
  • Kingdom must be first at all cost
  • Human emotions, feelings, or reasoning are not elevated above God’s word and will.
  • The cost is everything that we are and all that we have.
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LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
Walk Like Christ

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