New Beginnings: When It’s Time to Hit Reset

By Jerry Wierwille

The world is in a process of continual change. The sun rises and falls each day, and we grow older with each passing year. Our lives also consist of many seasons and times of change. Whether it is relationships, family, job, home, hobbies, etc. Almost every stage of life is associated with major change. But also, sometimes those changes need to come about because something is not right and needs to be addressed. Sometimes it is necessary to hit reset!

Reset #1

GOD — Genesis 6:1-13

God saw that humanity was not progressing in ways that were righteous and that would produce a world of people who would be in a relationship with Him. So, He decided to start over.

Illustration: Fallacy of Sunk Cost

Reset #2

JOSIAH and ISRAEL — 2 Kings 22:1-23:20

When Josiah was presented with the Book of the Law, he realized that he and the people of Israel were not honoring the Lord in the ways that they should. Perceiving this error, Josiah immediately instituted a reform to bring God’s people into alignment with His covenant.

Illustration: Soft Reset vs. Hard Reset

Reset #3

PAUL — Acts 9:1-20

After the Lord Jesus appeared to Paul, he was confronted with the reality of what he had worked so hard to destroy. It took immense humility for him to do a complete reversal of all he had stood for and dedicated himself toward previously.

Challenge and Application: “What keeps us from hitting reset in life when we should?”

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LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
New Beginnings: When It's Time to Hit Reset

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