Women of Integrity

By Sean Finnegan

Psalm 1:1-6   Although it is sometimes difficult to resist going with the wicked, a person of integrity recognizes the value of doing life God’s way.  Indeed, His blessings are better than the fleeting accolades of people.


Genesis 16:1-16   Hagar found herself in an extraordinarily difficult position.  After Sarai had dealt with her harshly, Hagar ran away.  Then, while she was on the lam, God sent an angel to deliver His message to return and submit to Sarai.  Would she trust God or do what seemed best to her?

Genesis 21:8-21   This time, Hagar didn’t do anything wrong, and yet Sarai treated her even more harshly, expelling her from the home.  Out of supplies and desperately thirsty, Hagar wept, knowing she and her son would soon die.  Nevertheless, God took care of her, showing her where water was and promising to make Ishmael into a great nation.


1 Samuel 25:1-42   Abigail probably had a tough home life since she was “discerning and beautiful,” but her husband, Nabal, was “harsh and badly behaved.”  Yet, Abigail did not divorce him or run away.  Nor did she allow Nabal’s disrespectful and arrogant attitude to rub off on her.  When the time called for it, she stepped up and courageously humbled herself, saving her husband and all his men.  God took care of the rest.


Athaliah, Jezebel’s daughter, following the death of her son seized the opportunity to wipe out all the male heirs in the royal residence.  She crowned herself queen and reigned for six years.  However, in the chaos of the purge, one woman courageously intervened, secreting off baby Joash and raising him as her own.  This act of self-sacrificial heroism saved the Davidic dynasty from utter ruin and the country from idolatry.

What about you?  Will you delight in God’s instruction?  Will you live out what He says is right even if it costs
you dearly?

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Women of Integrity

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