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Hellenism and Christianity, Part 6: Trinity

God’s proper name, Yahweh, occurs almost seven thousand times in the Old Testament, and hundreds of times, we are told that Yahweh is God. In the New Testament, we learn that Jesus is the Son of God and our Lord and Savior. A few times, Jesus told someone he was the Christ, but most often,…
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Have you ever wondered why we sing songs about Emmanuel at Christmas, or why it was said that the Messiah would be called by this name and yet he never was? I have. Isaiah 7 foretells of what the angel told Joseph in Matthew 1:18-25. Before we read Isaiah, the following is important to know.…
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Hellenism and Christianity, Part 5: Unconditional Immortality

Joel W Hemphill in his book Glory to God in the Highest provides a description of Socrates that is eye popping. While reading Joel’s description, remember that Socrates is the forerunner and teacher of Plato and then Plato of Aristotle. “Not only were Socrates’ fellow Athenians disturbed by his personal appearance, lack of hygiene, and…
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Hellenism and Christianity, Part 4: Purgatory and Preexistence

Purgatory The idea of purgatory as a physical place that people could enter after death became a Roman Catholic doctrine in the late 11th century. Medieval theologians concluded that the purgatorial punishments consisted of literal fire. The Roman Catholic Church purports that the living can help those whose purification from their sins is not yet…
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