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Glad Tidings

What If I’m Wrong?
by Sean Finnegan • January 28, 2022
Most of us are probably too scared to ask this question, especially about the big questions of life. We might be able to admit we are wrong about picking a car mechanic, forgetting to bring an umbrella, or choosing something off the menu at a restaurant. But how many of us are willing to ask ourselves, what if I’m wrong when it comes to what really matters in life? What...
“All Things Come from You,”
by Anna Brown • December 17, 2021
Mistaking the Miraculous for the Mundane This summer, in a shocking whirlwind of events, I was diagnosed with cancer. A massive tumor had invaded my abdomen, filling my insides with its insidious, disturbing growth as it destroyed one of my ovaries. Anyone would plead with God to deliver him/her, and I did. I remember lying on my back during the first scans, praying,...
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