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Yahweh Strongly Supports

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Glad Tidings

Brood of Vipers!
by Anna Brown • August 05, 2022
God Does Not Cancel, He Calls Cancel culture is one “in which [people] gain prestige for identifying small offenses…, and then publicly ‘calling out’ the offenders.… Call-out culture … award[s] status to people who shame or punish alleged offenders.”1 In twenty-first century America, cancel culture (or call-out culture) does not punish crimes, but words and...
Where Does Fruit Come From? Part One
by Mary Ann Yaconis • July 29, 2022
One sure way to decide whether Jesus Christ is Lord in a life is to examine the evidence of everyday character. We can ask ourselves: Am I peaceful? Am I patient? Am I loving? These and many more qualities describe attitudes that motivate our actions. We can wash dishes that have accumulated in the sink with joy and thankfulness or with grumbling and complaining. Finishing...
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