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Joy in the Presence of God
Joy in the Presence of God

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Glad Tidings

Be a Barnabas
by Anna Brown • September 23, 2022
Lessons From a Future Apostle’s Advocate The Apostle Paul didn’t come fully formed. Before he even went by the name Paul, a cast of characters taught him, mentored him, saw potential in him, and put him in positions of responsibility. Initially, one person acted decisively to elevate and include him: Barnabas. Acts chapter 9 details Saul’s initial, dramatic...
Where Does Fruit Come From? Part 2
by Mary Ann Yaconis • September 16, 2022
In a previous article (Glad Tidings, July/August 2022), we were discussing fruit in our lives as delineated in Galatians 6:22-23. The metaphor of fruit as being good attributes we have when we allow the spirit of God to work within us shows us the need for connection to Yahweh through Jesus Christ. The sap coming from the roots of the plant up through the plant to produce...
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