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Hold Onto God's Promises When All Seems Lost
Hold Onto God's Promises When All Seems Lost

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Glad Tidings

Acts 16
by Dan Wall • December 23, 2022
This article is a devotional on Acts 16. The verse references are from Acts 16. In Chapter 15, Paul and Barnabas have a disagreement, and they end up parting ways. Paul ends up taking Silas and departing on Paul’s second missionary journey and goes back to Derbe and Lystra, where Paul had been stoned on his second missionary journey. In Chapter 16, Paul and Silas...
“[The Slave], One of You”
by Anna Brown • December 16, 2022
Social Status in Colossians, a Snapshot In ancient Rome, slavery dominated. The NET Bible says that slaves comprised an estimated 10–20% of the population in the first century A.D.1 and were considered “’property’ in every sense of the word.”2 It’s in this context that Paul the Apostle writes final greetings to the church of Colossae and uses words that should...
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