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Evangelism and How Not to Pray
by Eric Miller • April 29, 2022
The rush and thrill of evangelism is a pleasure which far too few Christians avail themselves. Nonetheless, Jesus was emphatic: his followers were to go and preach the Good News as a witness in all the inhabited earth. And despite the best of intentions, who can say sharing the message of Christ--his sacrificial death and his coming Kingdom--is a hallmark of their...
God Can Do So Much With So Little
by Rich Elton • April 22, 2022
What’s your favorite “Jesus story”? I once heard a Bible teacher ask us this question—to think about our favorite gospel story of Jesus. He asked us to consider—of all the amazing things Jesus did and said, if one or two records had a special impact or was particularly enjoyable. He suggested pondering this to gain insight into one’s personal ministry and...
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