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Redemption - Who Am I?
Redemption - Who Am I?

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Glad Tidings

Revelation 17
by Vince Finnegan • December 03, 2022
Throughout history, sexual immorality, greed, and covetousness strongly motivated the people of the world. Satan has used these unholy desires “to make the world go round”. The last world empire immediately preceding Christ’s return will function likewise only more vigorously than ever before so as to deceive all the world leaders and all the people of the world. The...
How Does That Work?
by Sean Finnegan • November 26, 2022
When we are kids, we all have questions. We ask, “Why is the sky blue?” “How long is an hour?” and “Why can’t I stay up later?” As we age, our curiosity about the world slowly fades. We learn pat answers and move on with life. Not the investigator. This personality type needs to know. They are not satisfied with a surface level understanding. They want...
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