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God According to Revelation

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Glad Tidings

Count It All Joy
by Anna Brown • June 17, 2022
With God, Struggles Make Strength Fire is destructive. Particularly in a desert, it poses a threat to vegetation, crops, and animals in all directions. So, when Moses, herding his father-in-law’s sheep, saw a flaming, undamaged bush, he was as surprised as you or I would be. The message God gave Moses from the bush is the focal point of this text (Exodus 3), and no...
Love and Forgiveness
by Mary Ann Yaconis • June 10, 2022
Sin has been, is now, and will be a consistent problem for humankind until Jesus Christ returns. The sin of Adam was passed to us all (Genesis 3). From the time of Adam until the resurrection of Jesus, the full sharing and communion with Yahweh was lost. Yahweh is a righteous and holy God and cannot fellowship with sin. What was to be done to rectify this cataclysmic...
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