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New Beginnings: Coming Back
New Beginnings: Coming Back

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The Power of Unity in a Polarized Time
by Sean Finnegan • December 18, 2020
A woman driving on a bridge spots a man standing on the edge, getting ready to jump.  Pulling over, she jumps out of the car and shouts, “Stop!” The man turns and says, “Why should I?” The lady asks, “Are you religious?” “Yes,” the man replies. “Me too.  Are you Christian?” she asks. “Yes.” Walking towards him, she says, “Me...
Blessed Are the Merciful
by Dan Wall • December 11, 2020
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Matthew 5:7 As we continue through the beatitudes, I think this beatitude is core to how we look and interact with the world. This verse is not solely external. Where we are at internally with our relationship with God and how we view all that God has done for us are the primary catalysts for this debt of mercy...
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