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God According to the Gospels

https://youtu.be/ik23WGelZVg By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] The main focus of the Gospels is the life of Jesus of Nazareth. However, they also reveal much about Jesus’ God. In fact, since Jesus always did his Father’s will, we can even say that Jesus’ words and deeds reflect God’s heart as well. God is a loving Father (Matthew…
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God Can Do So Much With So Little

What’s your favorite “Jesus story”? I once heard a Bible teacher ask us this question—to think about our favorite gospel story of Jesus. He asked us to consider—of all the amazing things Jesus did and said, if one or two records had a special impact or was particularly enjoyable. He suggested pondering this to gain…
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Time Periods in the Bible: How Should We Read the Gospels?

As I mentioned in the last article on time periods, there are many things from the Gospels that are directly applicable to the modern-day Christian. Much of Jesus’ teaching ministry focused on how the disciples should act and walk with God after he was gone. However, there were many things that Jesus did because he…
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Scripture Build Up Gospels Part Two

https://youtu.be/1HO4VL0VSuY By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Jerry Wierwille"] The Gospels share a common subject -- Jesus -- but present his life and ministry in four different portraits. Reading more than one Gospel can provide additional information about parts of Jesus' life and teachings from a different perspective or to highlight or emphasize certain things unique to a Gospel…
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