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Jesus Sympathizes With You!

https://youtu.be/abgJoFkFtHM By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Vince Finnegan"] Hebrews 4:14-15   We will look at some of the many events that led up to the death and resurrection of our Lord and acknowledge how he felt. John 11:33-35   Jesus wept as he was conscious of the suffering hearts of those near him. John 12:1-11   Such love and kindness certainly…
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Sexual Sin

https://youtu.be/5oTlAJ8Lsv4 By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] Genesis 2:21–25   As Bible-believing Christians, we ground our understanding of sexuality in creation. Before the Fall, God gave Adam and Eve marriage as a beautiful gift. This is the standard or pattern for all of us who seek marriage. The three components are to leave parents, cling to your spouse…
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Ephesians 5:22-33: Marriage Roles

https://youtu.be/-DeuMj5mJmo By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Sean Finnegan"] Ephesians 5:22-24   Although in certain exceptional circumstances when they should do otherwise, wives are to be in subjection to their husbands as the church submits to Christ. Such a posture is radically countercultural in our present culture, but this may just be the missing key to a godly and mutually…
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