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Brood of Vipers!

God Does Not Cancel, He Calls Cancel culture is one “in which [people] gain prestige for identifying small offenses…, and then publicly ‘calling out’ the offenders.… Call-out culture … award[s] status to people who shame or punish alleged offenders.”1 In twenty-first century America, cancel culture (or call-out culture) does not punish crimes, but words and…
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Complete Salvation

https://youtu.be/epaH88Cs_ZI By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="Vince Finnegan"] Isaiah 53 foretells God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ with magnificent clarity. The crux of the revelation is that the sinless Messiah is the sacrificial offering as the substitutionary payment for the sins of all humanity, thereby providing atonement (reconciliation) with God for all those who believe. Isaiah 52:10…
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