God Hears Our Prayers

By Vince Finnegan

Deuteronomy 4:29; Proverbs 8:17   Seek Yahweh, and you will find Him.

2 Chronicles 15:2, 4, 15

Proverbs 15:8   The prayer of the upright is God’s delight.

Matthew 7:7-11   Ask, seek, knock.

Matthew 6:5-15   Jesus provided instruction on how to pray and gave a guideline for daily prayer. The aspects of prayer include – praise for Yahweh (Psalm 106:1), acknowledgement of the coming Kingdom (Acts 24:15-16), request for daily needs (Matthew 6:32-33), receiving and giving forgiveness (1 John 1:7-10; Matthew 6:14-15), help with temptations (1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Peter 2:9), and deliverance from evil.

Psalm 34:1-ff   Yahweh hears and responds to our prayers.

Exodus 30:1, 7-9, 34-38   Altar of incense

Revelation 5:8   The praises are represented by the harps, and the prayers are represented by the incense.

8:3-4   Incense represents the prayers of the saints, a sweet aroma always before our God and Father.

Psalm 141:1-10   God hears our prayers.

LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
LHIM Weekly Bible Teachings
God Hears Our Prayers

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