Congo Connection

As the gospel is being preached in the Congo, recent reports bring exciting news of many people being saved and lives changing through Christ.


Enter the Ark Program


The “soul-winners” who were sent out last summer to various cities in the Republic of the Congo are now mid-way through their year. Many people are coming to Christ because of their faithful witness. Rev. Armel Ngo, who oversees these fellowships, recently visited the city of Ollombo and taught a multi-day seminar called “Reform Your Ways and Your Walks.” It was well attended, and many of those present were new Christians.


In Brazzaville, the capital city, the soul-winner volunteers were sent to six different precincts. Three of the groups now have the “problem” of finding a space large enough to accommodate all the people coming to their meetings.


A continuing challenge is the persistent poverty and illness present in parts of the city, which often make it difficult for people to come to fellowships. Yet, as Armel reports, “In the midst of these challenges, the soul-winners continue to bring a message of hope and life.”


Miraculous deliverance


In a fellowship in Makélékélé, one of the Brazzaville districts, there was a young woman who had been insane for many years. She was unable to speak. By God’s grace, this girl was delivered from her insanity and today can speak normally. This miracle, which was witnessed by many, has become a great testimony of the delivering power of God.


Meanwhile, in the Democratic Republic of Congo


In the DRC, the fellowships in Kinshasa have two wonderful traditions in December. On December 25, they host a large Children’s Day – a time for the children to enjoy singing, reading of poems they have written, and teaching. All this plus refreshments make it a special time for these little ones, who otherwise might not be doing anything at all on Christmas day.


And on New Year’s Eve, the saints gather to greet the new year with a time of prayer, praise, worship, and testimonies of what God has done for them over the past year. This is intended to exhort the believers in their walk with the Lord. Their prayerful vigilance is a refreshing contrast to the wild reveling and partying that has become so commonplace in the “developed” world.


School children are busy and blessed


Kennedy also reports that the 54 children being sponsored to attend school this year are doing well. They have been diligent in their studies and enjoyed a break around the Christmas holidays.


These children are all from families in the church who struggle to meet basic living expenses and may not have the opportunity to attend school without this sponsorship. The parents are especially grateful for blessing of education for their children.


Although it’s winter here in the U.S., by spring we’ll be planning for the next school year’s sponsorship program. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity and contact Living Hope for more information if interested.

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