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Scripture & Science:

Can we reconcile the biblical record with the current human understanding of science? Can belief in God be rational? How can we form a more coherent worldview, taking both science and Scripture into account? The goal of Scripture and Science will be to demonstrate belief in God as a rational venture.

The class divides into three main sections based on major branches of science:

  • physics and astronomy
  • biology and chemistry
  • geology and earth science

First, we will contemplate the evidence from physics and astronomy, examining questions like: does the Big Bang theory remove the need for a Creator?

Second, we will consider the implications of evolutionary theory: does the evidence for evolution negate a Creator?

Third, we will analyze major biblical events like the Flood of Noah in light of modern geology.

Finally, we will examine the subject of miracles: What is a miracle? If we can scientifically explain a miracle, is it no longer a miracle?

As we examine the pages of the Bible and the "book of nature," we will see that there are many ways of reconciling Scripture and science.


This class will be taught by Will Barlow.

Will Barlow grew up in a family that loves God. At age sixteen, he felt the call to ministry. Learn more about Will's story by listening to this interview. He holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics and a master's degree in Secondary Education. In 2016, he authored God and Science: Is Faith in God Rational? He founded and maintains Study Driven Faith, a website devoted to dialogue on biblical matters and encouragement to the Christian community. Will lives just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Rebecca and his two children, Liam and Hannah. He will be the lead pastor of Compass Christian Church in Louisville, with weekly services starting January 2023.


Sessions will be available twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning April 12th through June 2nd.


Our primary and only required textbook is the Bible. We will be using the ESV (2016), but you may use whatever version you prefer.

Recommended Reading

God and Science: Is Faith in God Rational? by Will Barlow. This book is not required reading, only supplemental.


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