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Additions to Text

https://youtu.be/2ZcWDlgIYKc By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="John Cortright"] 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; All Scripture is inspired by God.  The words “inspired by God” come from one Greek word–θεόπνευστος (theopneustos or “God-breathed”).  That which originally came from God was inspired by God. …
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Yahweh’s Characteristics

What words would describe me? If one would ask acquaintances and close friends about who I am, they would have differing ways of explaining me. Professional associates would have divergent opinions. Also, there is my family with even more depictions. The adjectives used may be accurate and some not. It depends on the person’s experiences…
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My Times Are in Your Hand

https://youtu.be/DeyqwLXuyOo By [wbt_preacher_link preacher="John Cortright"] Throughout our days, our years, our lives, no matter what the circumstance, God is in control.  All things were designed for His purpose. Revelation 4:8-11 For You created all things, and because of Your will they existed and were created Job 14:1-2; Psalm 90:1-12; 39:4-5; 144:3-4 A man’s life is…
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Giving Thanks Honors Yahweh

Much has been expounded upon concerning the topic of thankfulness in secular and religious writings and literature. It is a general, cultural norm to be thankful to others. As children, we are frequently reminded to say “thank you” when appropriate. The idea is that someone has done a gesture or said a kind thing that…
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The LORD is my Banner

Many debate whether Yahweh is involved in our life events or not, and also, if He is involved, to what extent He is involved. Is He really interested in helping me with my problems? Is He really there to support me in times of trouble?  Let us look at a record of Moses leading the…
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