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Saints or Sinners
Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace”? The phrase has two main purposes: either we use it to express humility or to excuse our behavior. But, did you know ...
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Unpacking Godliness
For the past six months, we moved in order to downsize so that we can have more time to spend with God and with our family. My first personal agenda was to rid myself of ...
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The definition of “grace” is unmerited (undeserved and unearned) but freely given love and favor of God toward man. To appreciate the full significance of grace requires diligent study of the Scriptures, prayer, thoughtful meditation, ...
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Is God’s Name “I Am?”
Growing up, one of my all-time favorite movies was (and still is) The Ten Commandments directed by the legendary director, Cecil B DeMille. While this movie is an epic rendition of the story of Moses, ...
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God’s Family, a Symbiotic Loving Relationship
Dear Saints, “God’s Family, a Symbiotic Loving Relationship” was the title of my teaching during the Royal Family Reunion and the subject of this writing. “Symbiosis” is a word used in biology referring to the ...
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Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Our intention with this issue of Glad Tidings, as with all, is enrichment in your understanding of our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus that inspires sharing the good news with others. Prayer is a ...
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Although the latest statistics indicate that 2.2 of earth’s 6.9 billion inhabitants self-identify as Christian, it is hard to say how many actually follow Jesus. I remember a while back asking a friend’s mother if ...
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Flee From Idolatry
We know that we have been redeemed to glorify Yahweh, but we can never truly glorify God while having idols in our lives, in our hearts; that is the reason for our theme “Flee from ...
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I was asked to share about a young man from the Bible who inspires me. I chose King Josiah. Josiah became king after 57 years of abhorrent evil and unrighteousness that had been brought to ...
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Yahweh’s Eternal Desire
The understanding for life, human history, and the future of humanity is centered in discerning Yahweh’s eternal desire for His creation. His purpose for the ages starts to unfold with Israel as is succinctly expressed ...
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