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Date Teacher Title
04/04/2021 Sean Finnegan Resurrection Reversal
03/28/2021 John Cortright The Triumphal Entry
03/21/2021 Vince Finnegan James Five
03/14/2021 John Cortright James Four
03/07/2021 Vince Finnegan James Three
02/28/2021 John Cortright James Two
02/21/2021 Vince Finnegan James One
02/14/2021 Jerry Wierwille Relationships: Seeking Connection
02/07/2021 Sean Finnegan New Beginnings: Kill or Die
01/31/2021 John Cortright New Beginnings: A New Creation in Christ
01/24/2021 Jerry Wierwille New Beginnings: When It's Time to Hit Reset
01/17/2021 Sean Finnegan New Beginnings: Coming Back
01/10/2021 Vince Finnegan New Beginnings: Strong in Faith
01/03/2021 John Cortright My Times Are in Your Hand
12/27/2020 Sean Finnegan Resilience
12/20/2020 Vince Finnegan Jesus' Birth, A Story of Miracles
12/13/2020 Sean Finnegan The Manifestations of the Spirit Have Ceased
12/06/2020 Jerry Wierwille Christians Must Keep the Law
11/29/2020 Sean Finnegan If You Believe, You Will Receive
11/22/2020 John Cortright In Everything Give Thanks
11/15/2020 Vince Finnegan Doctrine Doesn't Matter
11/08/2020 Vince Finnegan The Devil Is Not Real
11/01/2020 Jerry Wierwille Jesus Must Be God to Pay for Sins
10/25/2020 Sean Finnegan God is a Trinity of Persons
10/18/2020 John Cortright Obedience is Not Required for Salvation
10/11/2020 Vince Finnegan Salvation Cannot Be Lost
10/04/2020 John Cortright The Saved Go to Heaven at Death
09/27/2020 Sean Finnegan The Lost Suffer Eternal Torment in Hell
09/20/2020 Jay Kline & Bill Yaconis Farewell
09/13/2020 Sean Finnegan Revival in Babylon
09/06/2020 Sean Finnegan Fortified by Serenity
08/30/2020 Vince Finnegan Receive, Retain, Release
08/23/2020 Jerry Wierwille Fortified by Satisfaction
08/16/2020 John Cortright Fortified by Joy
08/09/2020 Vince Finnegan Fortified by Resilience
08/02/2020 Sean Finnegan Fortified by Hope
07/26/2020 Sean Finnegan Tribalism in Times Like These
07/19/2020 Jerry Wierwille Discernment in Times Like These
07/12/2020 John Cortright Identity in Times Like These
07/05/2020 Vince Finnegan Love in Times Like These
06/28/2020 John Cortright Peacemakers in Times Like These
06/21/2020 Sean Finnegan Humility in Times Like These
06/14/2020 Vince Finnegan Full of the Spirit
06/07/2020 John Cortright Go, Stand, and Speak
05/31/2020 Sean Finnegan Pentecost: God’s Spirit Poured Out
05/24/2020 Jerry Wierwille Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation, and Prophecy
05/17/2020 Sean Finnegan God's Spirit in Action
05/10/2020 Vince Finnegan Jesus and Empowerment of the Holy Spirit
05/03/2020 Sean Finnegan Set Free in Christ (Romans 7-8)
04/26/2020 John Cortright Jehoshaphat’s Deliverance

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