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Date Teacher Title
03/26/2023 Vince Finnegan The Hour Has Come
03/19/2023 Matthew Elton Hold Onto God's Promises When All Seems Lost
03/12/2023 Sean Finnegan Criticizing Jesus
02/26/2023 Vince Finnegan Jesus Sympathizes With You
02/19/2023 Sean Finnegan Strong in the LORD
02/12/2023 Vince Finnegan The Armor of God
02/05/2023 Jerry Wierwille Serving According to Your Strengths
01/29/2023 Sean Finnegan The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength
01/22/2023 Vince Finnegan God's Love Strengthens Us
01/15/2023 Sean Finnegan Where Does Your Strength Come From?
01/08/2023 Brian Kelly First Things First
01/01/2023 Sean Finnegan Encouragement in a New Year
12/18/2022 Matthew Elton God of the Weak & Lowly
12/11/2022 Sean Finnegan Nativity of the Nazarene in Tumultuous Times
12/04/2022 Vince Finnegan Redemption - Who Am I?
11/27/2022 Vince Finnegan Deuteronomy - Choose Life
11/20/2022 Sean Finnegan Sacrifices & Thanksgiving
11/13/2022 Sean Finnegan Covenant Obedience
11/06/2022 Sean Finnegan Quartet of the Vulnerable
10/30/2022 Jerry Wierwille Justice for All
10/23/2022 Sean Finnegan Women's Rights
10/16/2022 Vince Finnegan Deuteronomy - Idolatry
10/09/2022 Vince Finnegan God's Chosen People
10/02/2022 Vince Finnegan Understanding Yahweh
09/25/2022 Jacob Rohrer Joy in the Presence of God
09/18/2022 Sean Finnegan Truth & Love
09/11/2022 Vince Finnegan The Anchor of the Soul
09/04/2022 Sean Finnegan What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? 2: Follow Jesus
08/28/2022 Sean Finnegan What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? 1: Believe the Gospel
08/21/2022 Jay Kline JESUS (Don't Forget the Message)
08/14/2022 Sean Finnegan Congo Update
08/07/2022 Vince Finnegan Yahweh Strongly Supports
07/31/2022 Jerry Wierwille Win the Battle
07/24/2022 Sean Finnegan Amazing Grace
07/17/2022 Vince Finnegan We Need Help
07/10/2022 Vince Finnegan God Hears Our Prayers
07/03/2022 Jerry Wierwille To Change a Life
06/26/2022 Sean Finnegan Jonah: God's Heart for the Wicked
06/19/2022 Sean Finnegan God According to Revelation
06/12/2022 Jerry Wierwille God According to the Epistles
06/05/2022 Vince Finnegan God According to Acts
05/29/2022 Sean Finnegan God According to the Gospels
05/22/2022 Jerry Wierwille God According to the Writings
05/15/2022 Sean Finnegan God According to the Prophets
05/08/2022 Vince Finnegan God According to the Torah
05/01/2022 Susy DiCecco Get Up! Get Moving! God Has Called YOU!
04/24/2022 Jerry Wierwille Resurrection Life
04/17/2022 Sean Finnegan Our Living Hope - Resurrection & the Gospel
04/10/2022 Vince Finnegan Jesus Sympathizes With You!
04/03/2022 Sean Finnegan Sexual Sin

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